Our Food

We'll gather in-season food from our own and other local farms, prepare a wonderful produce medley that's sized how you want it, and deliver it to your doorstep. The freshness and elevated nutrition of our produce comes from the extra care put into it's production.


Our Achievements

Starting with just 2000 square feet in South Phoenix, we have gone on to serve our community through education, win multiple contests in entrepreneurship, and expand our operation to multiple sites in the city.

poppin seeds

Our Mission

UFO is dedicated to improving the health of our community starting with food. Our crops are grown with love and care inside the city so that our customers can have fresher foods. We sell high quality, nutrient-dense, organic produce.


Check the technique

Check out our content on urban agriculture and keep up with our progress!

Why Eat Local?

Physical Health

The fresher the food, the more nutritious it is for your body.

Community Health

Sharing local food connects and enriches communities.

Spiritual Health

Being closer to your food helps you become aware of life's connectedness.

Get In Touch

Whether it's a question, suggestion, or just a chat, we love to interact the community that we're feeding.

Coming soon: Fresh food to your doorstep

Buy produce grown without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, but with you in mind.