We're Starting a Movement

To make growing and consuming food local, conscious, and sustainable.


America's Broken Food System

Our country is on the verge of a farming crisis. Our population is ever increasing and our cities are growing at an astounding rate. This means we have more people, but less land for crops, leading to more difficult access to fresh food. Over the last decade more than 100,000 farms have shut down and the average age of a farmer is 61 years old, with only 6% under 35. The US imports 2-3 times more produce now that we did 20 years ago and after traveling a thousand miles, that tomato you ate today will only contain a fraction of its original nutrient value.


The Urban Farm Organics Solution

We educate communities throughout the Greater Phoenix Area about the importance of eating fresh and local food, and how to start an urban farming operation right here in the Valley. Through this continued education, we strive to empower people to produce their own healthy food, so food deserts cease to exist. Along with this community education, we have our own grow operations that we use to supply schools, local restaurants, and our own up-and-coming produce delivery service. By growing crops INSIDE the city, UFO ensures that our crops have the highest quality and nutritional value.

Meet The Team

We are three motivated individuals that strive for healthy food, social justice, and a close-knit community.


    Jourdain has over a decade of experience in the restaurant/retail industries and has been growing on a commercial scale since 2010. He carefully and creatively plans our marketing and promotional material.

Jourdain Beltran

Lead Cultivator/Marketing Director

    Sowan has a degree in Molecular & Cellular Biology from the University of Arizona. He uses his years of knowledge and experience in plant biochemistry to ensure our crops are healthy and contain the maximum nutritional value.

Sowan Thai

Plant Scientist

    Elaissia uses her political and social connections to connect UFO with many leaders and organizations in the community.

Elaissia Sears

Community Director

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