Family Produce Bundle



In our family produce bundle, you’ll receive 10-15 different kinds of fruits and veggies to bring wellness to the whole family. It contains roughly two weeks worth of produce for a family of 4.

What’s fresh this week?

This week, your produce bag will include:
4 Bunches of carrots | 20 apples | 4lbs of bananas | 4lbs of oranges | 4 Cucumbers | 4 Bunches of Kale | 4lbs of zucchini | 4lbs of Tomatoes | 8 potatoes | 4 Heads of broccoli

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Produce This Week

4 Bunches of carrots, 20 apples, 4lbs of bananas, 4lbs of oranges, 4 Cucumbers, 4 Bunches of Kale, 4lbs of zucchini, 4lbs of Tomatoes, 8 potatoes, 4 Heads of broccoli


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